Thursday, 4 April 2013

While trying to be tidy...

A few weeks ago I decided to try and be a little bit more tidy in my sewing 'spot'. I took a good look at the space, moved 'stuff' from one spot to another, located a thing or two that had been missing and found a little pile of fabric already sorted waiting to become 'something'! I had a quick look at that something I had drawn up some time ago and decided - no - that wasn't it, but wait, this new idea was! The space is still a mess (more on that in a later post) but this group of fabrics has started to turn into a new quilt. Not sure of it's name yet but if all goes according to plan you will see it finished soon.

These were the fabrics I discovered under the mess that is called my work space!
Some of the fabrics turned themselves into hexagons.  I am STILL in love with hexagons!
And these two prints, which fortunately I had loads of, were joined by some Tea Stain background and are now transformed into an Irish chain.

I am not 100% sure how this quilt will end, but I am enjoying every step along the way,

Until next time,

p.s. Merrimack is quilted, the binding is on and it's ready for a photo. I'll show you how its going next time!


  1. I love your hexies and it was through the Australian/New Zealand quilters that I found the love of hexies and now I am addicted to them as well - in fact I think hexies are becoming popular world wide!

  2. I love your little hexies, beautiful fussy cutting.

  3. This is looking great I have some of those fabrics I also discovered a pile I had forgotten about I will be interested in looking at the photo I am enjoying your blog very much I like Robin's nest How do I get the pattern thanks heap

  4. Hi love the new quilt where did you get the green fabric from thanks

    1. look below and you can see where it get the green fabric sally

  5. Hexagons are my favourite thing right now, I'm hooked! Have fun at AQC, not long now!

  6. Wonderful Fabrics, the hexagons are So pretty. Just cannot wait to see Your Merrimack quilt

  7. Hi Karen,
    could You tell me from whom that gorgeous fabric is.I mean the fabric with the flowers and birds,I think it is perfect for brodery perse.
    And your hexagons are lovely,cannot wait to see the finishing photo.

  8. Hi everyone if you are looking for the green fabric it is from the mill girls range Cherrypiedesigns has it they have a new bolt you can find it on karen bolgg all so patchwork on parker at cootanmunda i think that is how you spell but it is on the web just have to look it they woman are very helpfull
    take care sally