Monday, 24 September 2012

Midday to Midnight

Midday to midnight, can you last the distance? Last Saturday we had another group of enthusiastic quilters turn up for 12 hours of sewing fun. What do I bring? How much sewing will I get done? What will we eat? These are the questions that I am asked constantly before each of our sewing marathons. The answers are not that easy unfortunately!

Firstly, bring along a few projects - you never know what you might finish...
Bonnie planned a little bit of everything. 
A bit of quilting, a bit of embroidery, a bit of machining and a little bit more just in case.

Secondly, how much sewing do we do! 
Bonnie worked mostly on her machine piecing in the end, and look, it is almost finished! 
We just ran out of time with one more seam to go!

Sonja purchased some new fabric... then she cut out and pieced this gorgeous block!
Not bad for 12 hours of stitching.
 And thirdly, what do we eat... There are lots of restaurants, cafes and takeaways in our group of shops, as well as the local supermarket. We seem to alternate between Indian and Chinese at the moment followed by ice-cream. Mmmm sound yummy? Why not join us next time!

 Remember these bright fabrics from my last post?
They belong to Stacey from Darwin. 
Stacey has a blog and if you would like to follow her Mrs Billings progress have a look here!

And I just had to share my new purchase from Darwin... New red shoes, what other colour is there!
Now I am all set for summer, bring on the warm weather. 

Until next time,

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mrs Billings Heads North!

This past weekend was spent in the Northern Territory with the Darwin Quilters, a very enthusiastic group of ladies who work in much brighter fabrics than I usually choose for my quilts. 
Over the three days we worked on Hamilton Place, Clamshells and Mrs BIllings. 
Wow does she look different in these lovely bright colours! 

During the weekend I was hosted by the wonderful Lynnette who showed me the sights of Darwin, stunning sunsets on the beach, amazing food at the evening markets and the highlight of my trip... a cuddle with a crocodile.
Yes - he is real and was wriggling quite a lot, so I had to hold on tight!

There were lots and lots of crocodiles at this zoo. 
The breading program is in full swing at the moment and there were loads of crocodiles to look at. 
I even had the chance to feed one! 

We worked on the 'Hamilton Place' quilt on Friday, making stars, playing with fabric and fussy cutting for maximum effect. 
All done in the luxury of air-conditioned comfort - thankfully! 
(as those of you who know me best will understand, I am not a fan of the heat)

Hamilton Place stars came first, shall we choose this one or...
 this one!!!

Here is the finished star plus a few others.

How about these for a lively colour range!

Bali Batik's also look just as stunning!
 And here is the large central star in the planning.

Saturday and Sunday were devoted to Mrs Billings... how is this for a colour choice.
 Really warm and cheerful... I haven't seen Mrs B in these colours before!
Here is the centre. Isn't it fantastic!

 This one is a little more like my fabrics, BUT, check out the fussy cutting!
 Thank-you all for a lovely weekend!

AND... while my back was turned again... MORE fabric arrived. These two groups are 'Addison' and 'Civil War Miniatures'.
As you might have guessed by now... the shelves are full to busting, so come on over and have a closer look!

Unfortunately I had better get back to work, cos there are still a few more shelves to sort and a box or two to empty.

Until next time,

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Here is a sample of this weeks Show and Tell. 
I think the girls are over their 'Post Billings Blues' and are right back into the swing of stitching!!!!

 Clamshells and Toile by Shirley.
 More Gatton Stars by Shirley (above) and Leigh (below). They are having loads of fun with their fussy cutting on these stars!
 Ros has been appliquéing this beautiful block from Sue's Queens Square Quilt.

All of the boxes from last week have finally been unpacked and sorted onto the shelves!
There were lots... if you remember, so sit back and check them out.

Mill Girls by Judie Rothermel
Alice Putman by Nancy Gere
Ohio Star by Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
Pomegranate part 1
Pomegranate part 2
Wrappers by Betsy Cutcheon
Freedom Rings by Paula Barnes
AND then when you turn your back the delivery man comes along with MORE boxes........... 
These ones contain Civil War Melodies by Judie Rothermel and Companions by Paula Barnes.
More photos of those fabrics next week!

Until then,

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Friday Show and Tell

The Friday Girls have been very busy over the past few weeks and they all had lots and lots of 'show and tell' to share.
I thought you might like to see a little of what they have been up to.

Ros has made this red and white beauty as a surprise for her sister.

Another Gatton star quilt finished. 
This quilt is also by Ros, but this time she is keeping it for herself!
 With more of the borders showing.

This lovely hexagon quilt was started by Lois from our Wednesday group and has been finished by Robyn (from the Friday girls). 
The finished quilt will be raffled next year, more info on that when we are closer to the date. 

These adorable fussy cut hexagons are from Robyn too! Robyn loves hexagons!

And the last two photos are from Dorothy's 'Susan McCord' quilt. 
Visit Dorothy's blog to see her work in progress!
 We needed more of this one... I just love it!

Sue and I have been very busy this week and we now have Fabric Club all finished and in the post, watch out for them over the next few days. Our next job is to completely unpack that stack of boxes I posted last time and to sort them all out and put them onto the shelves. Once that is done I will let you have a peek too!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Shop News

Its been a busy few weeks at the shop since I returned from Newcastle. 
There has been some fantastic show and tell and when I have remembered... I have taken a photo or two!

This stunning Mrs Billings has been for a few visits, this month we needed to add a few more browns to the mix! 
I just love this version of my quilt!

Robyn has a new grandchild, aren't these owls cute. 
They are made using the Sue Daley English Paper Piecing technique and the clamshell shape. Very clever!

Shirley has been working on her Gatton Stars. 
Look close... there is some stunning fussy cutting in this gorgeous quilt!

 Wow, how is that for a beautiful star!

Sue has some new shoes... and guess what, they match Shirley's big star!

And to finish off... we have had a total of 16 boxes delivered during the week!!!!!!!! HELP...
Sue and I need to find the time now to tidy the shelves and get them all packed away!
I was so excited I couldn't hold the camera steady!

Until next time, when all the boxes are unpacked!