Monday, 22 July 2013

Yay they didn't lose our address!

We were beginning to think that the delivery men had lost our address. It has been quite a few weeks now with no new fabric and our shelves were looking bare, BUT, thankfully the boxes have been arriving, and arriving and arriving! 
:) putting a big smile on my face.

So here we are - 
Civil War Jubilee by Barbara Brackman
Mourning Grays by Carrie Quinn
Madison Manor by Jo Morton
Carries Madders by Carrie Quinn
Bird Song by Kathy Hall and Jo Morton
But wait there's more... 
New Colonies by Nancy Gere
and Savannah by Jo Morton
Keep on stitching...

Until next time,

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Quilts 1700-1945

Wow... how enticing is this!!!
Quilts this way - and inside... all of my favourites in one place!

Sue and I set off with a group of 26 other, equally excited, patchworkers to see the 'Quilts 1700-1945' exhibit at the end of last month. We assembled in the foyer of the Gallery and were met by this very impressive display! We were treated to an amazing display of divine old quilts, dressed and displayed in all of their beauty... Sorry, there are no photos to show, but,
 if you are in the neighbourhood or can catch a flight - you must go!

After a wonderful guided tour we left the hanging space, with tattoos!, and headed out for some well earned lunch.

Oh and a glass of bubbly too!

After our trip to the gallery we gathered at the Riverside hotel for an afternoon of stitching and lots of 
chatter followed by dinner and an evening of more stitching.

Sunday morning arrived and it was time for show and tell and, guess what? More stitching!

Here are some of the girls, busy working on their new projects - travelling block minders.

And at the end of the day... Sue and I were able to sit and rest for a moment or two.

We had a fantastic weekend with our new friends and are thinking - what can we do next time!

Until then,