Thursday, 25 April 2013

What a week! or two...

The past two weeks have been full on with 'stuff' happening at the shop, new block of the months to organise, 
AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention) here in Melbourne to set up - man - and pull down, 
and loads of things to get finished for our upcoming trip to Portland for 'Spring Market' ... 
life is never dull at my place these days!!!

AQC is held at one of our most beautiful historic buildings here in Melbourne.
I met these two lovely ladies Lenora (left) from Elm Grove Patchwork and Linda (right) from Gum Valley Patchwork
Linda's gorgeous hexagon quilt 'Dear Prudence' caught my attention. 
These little hexagons are 3/8 inch in size and lots of them were fussy cut... OMG! 
Visit here for more information.

Here is a quick pic of my newest quilt 'Vivary Park' almost done. 
It has gone off for its official photo this week and the pattern will be available soon! 
While I have been waiting for its return I had a look through some larger pieces of fabric that have been lurking in the stash for a while and I think I will be able to complete this project as I intended - to use fabric that I have located on the dining room table 
or in my pile of 'stuff' at home! I have found this a very interesting exercise, 
not sure I will be able to do that to often!

Back at the shop the girls have been hard at work. 
Kim has made this quilt using the New Orleans fabric that came in a few weeks back. 
She has even pieced together the backing using leftovers. Very nice Kim!

Adrienne has started her star-a-day project. 
I love this project.. everyones stars are delightful.

Kim has cut some stars too! 
Each time she uses a fabric the template comes out and 4 diamonds are prepared ready to stitch when the time arises!

Until next time,


  1. Great to see you again Karen. Good luck for Portland! Cheers Linda

  2. After following your blog for some time it was lovely to meet in person. Have a fabulous time in Portland.