Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rest and Relaxation......

How is this for a spectacular view! Each morning this past week Paul and I having been waking up to this wonderful view of Waikiki beach from our hotel balcony, looking towards Diamond Head. Mmmmm how long can we stay? Unfortunately it will all be over way too soon!

See you all in not so sunny Melbourne in a day or two,

P.S. Sue - thought we would take a cruise this afternoon... with the skipper and his mate... we could be delayed a little! Maybe even stay a little longer than planned! K & P xxx

Friday, 25 May 2012

A little bit of shopping and a 'good' cup of Tea!

Our last day in Kansas City saw us doing a little bit of shopping, SHOE shopping to be precise, and enjoying a 'good' cup of tea with friends! I don't normally enjoy a lot of shopping, but a little bit of 'shoe' shopping in a different city never goes astray. I found these very gorgeous slip on 'clogs' in a local store, and then purchased this very appropriate tee shirt to match.

After a successful few days of Spring Market a girl also needs a 'good' cup of Tea. Thats not always easy when you are travelling... but a quick check through the handbag can come up with several alternatives. While the boys were sampling the local beers, Lynette Anderson, Sue Daley, the Quilted Crow Girls Leonie and Diedre, and I enjoyed a quiet cuppa before heading off home!

Wow, not a bad selection to be found in our handbags! Even a little bit of milk and a snack or two!

Now its off to Honolulu for a bit of R & R for Paul and I, catch you all again soon,

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

We made it...

After many long hours in the air Paul and I have finally made it to Kansas City. 
Our exhibitor badges were waiting for us with these very pretty ribbons announcing that we were very new at this.

We met Darryl at the hotel and he helped move all of the heavy bits and pieces over to the convention centre for us.

The Booth is all done and ready to receive visitors... this is a very different set up to what we are used to but hopefully everything looks OK.

During the show I found some old friends and called in to say Hi!
Jo Morton in her beautiful booth.

 Cindy and Ronnie Rennels with their fabulous antique quilts, I always visit this booth when I come to the USA.
One day I will bring one home with me!

Mary Koval and her gorgeous antique fabrics and quilts.
Mary will be visiting Melbourne again this year during October for Quilts in the Barn with Linda Collins.
And another Melbourne designer... Gail Pan was there with her lovely quilts.

Until next time,

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kansas City... here we come!

Paul and I are heading off to Spring Market in Kansas City tomorrow, our first trip together to the USA, and I am trying to pack... don't you just love packing! There always seems to be too many things to go into the suitcase and not enough space to fit it all! Never mind I will keep rearranging until it does.

Last minute preparations before those cases get closed for good include 'pole scrunchies', who knows what they are? Apparently they go around the poles that hold our booth together so that they look much more 'prettier' than they already are! Just one more to go and then I think I am done.

Last minute sewing for the long flight is almost ready to go too, can't forget that!

We will be at Booth #2311, so if you are in town call in and say Hi! - we would love to meet you. I have packed the new iPad and will attempt to blog so keep watching for updates as we travel.

Until then, 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mrs Billings Update...

WOW!! Look how Mary's quilt is coming along... 
This stunning version of Mrs Billings has taken on a life of its own, filled with lots and lots of fabulous fussy cutting.

See if you can find the 'cheeky monkeys' ;)

This is one we have seen before in an earlier post, its now almost to the last border.

In fact Sue is so close she has chosen her backing while working on the final border!

Each Mrs Billings has a name of its own.. this one we are calling the '42nd cousin twice removed'! 
Check out Sue's blog for her updates.

Meredithe's 'Beguiling Billings' was at the shop for a sewing day this week too. 
Visit Pomegranate and Chintz for more news on this lovely version.

And lastly, Kaye... is working on her own modification of the last border, the end is in sight!

The girls are all working very hard at the moment because there is a plan in place for a big surprise in a few months time. 
More about that later!

Keep on sewing girls............................!!!!!

Until next time,