Monday, 25 June 2012

Writing lists and checking boxes...

This year life has seen a series of writing lists (lots of long lists) and checking boxes (lots of boxes) making sure that everything gets done. There have been quilts to finish, projects to complete, trips interstate and overseas. And there is always that constant note to self...remember Karen you are not allowed to start anything NEW, not just yet!!! 

OH NO... look what arrived this week!!!

The brain went into overdrive when these gorgeous fabrics were unpacked. The Thursday morning girls joined in the excitement and had a good look too. Bonnie and Sue were checking to see if I had left anything behind.

Sue and Meredithe claimed themselves a bolt each!

And this yummy pack went home to Sue's at the end of the day!

Focus Karen, focus... There is only a little bit more to do on Robins Nest!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

While I was away...

Lots and lots of new and old favourite fabric arrived while I was away... There was another delivery of the John Hewson fabrics including the centre urn, both sets of birds and the gorgeous borders, both large and small. Lynne has been waiting for the borders to arrive to complete her version of the Hewson quilt... ta dah! Here it is finished!

New fabrics included these 'Spirit of Christmas' from Judie Rothermel.

'Borders, basics and backgrounds' from Molly B studio. (part 1)
 (part 2)

And these fantastic 'Tavern Greens' from Paula Barnes.

If you would like to see the full range of these fabrics visit our website,

Until next time,

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Sewing...

Where does time go? As I sit here on a dark and cold Sunday evening writing this post, it is very hard to imagine that only last week Paul and I were sitting under the beautiful Banyan tree in our hotel courtyard drinking pretty coloured drinks with pineapple pieces and little umbrellas! Unfortunately holidays don't last forever and it is back to work for both of us now...

Although... there is always time for some quiet stitching! The Sunday 'appliqué' group had a delightful afternoon of stitching today (mmmm... in hind sight looking at the photos maybe not all of us were appliquéing).

Sonja was working on her amazing Jane Pizar quilt, all redrafted by Sonja herself from a large photo!

Julie M was appliquéing down her final border on Mrs Billings, almost ready to be quilted and finished for our upcoming display. 
More information on that soon!

Mary was making red roses for the border of a large appliqué quilt. 4 down, only 38 more to go!!!!

Julie C has been stitching an alternate inner border to Mrs Billings. Check out all of those fussy cut squares.

 Ann was stitching down flowers for her 'Antique Wedding Sampler' setting triangles.

And Val showed us her progress on 'Barrington Court'. 

While we were away there were lots of fabric deliveries too! Let me sort them out properly and I will post photos as soon as possible...

Back soon,