Friday, 1 March 2013

Mrs Billings - here, there and everywhere...

I know its been awhile since we have had a Mrs Billings update; so make a cuppa, sit back and get comfortable because I have lots of new photos of some very inspiring quilts...

I don't get a lot of time to look through other blogs, but a new one caught my attention a few weeks back - Mrs Billings in Denmark! I must admit to being a little excited when I found it, I checked in and look what was there... Mrs Billings featuring Kaffe fabrics!!!! Isn't it vibrant, I can't wait for more of an update on this one. If you would like to see more of Maria's quilt and others working with Helene Juul in Denmark, visit here.

Next Mrs Billings in predominantly blues with a touch of purple by Anna.

 Sue has made her Mrs Billings with a soft hue of pink and lots of fussy cut hexagons.

 Josephine, some soft pinks too! How about that centre design, gorgeous.

Lynette started her Mrs Billings in Darwin with me last year and has recently made Melbourne her home, so now I can keep a closer watch on this lovely interpretation made predominantly in green with a touch of red and gold.

Beautiful corners too Lynnette!

Adrienne has chosen a blue background and is using a wider assortment of colours than the others of have shown you today. Adrienne has studied the original quilt and redesigned her centre to match.

Laurie Simpson from Minick and Simpson has been motoring along with her Mrs Billings too! 
I met Laurie last November at Houston Quilt Market and I am amazed at the speed in which she is progressing. 
If you would like to keep up with Laurie visit here!

Do you remember after Christmas I was playing with some new fabrics and templates, Mill Girls by Judy Rothermel? 
Well these arrived the other day...... they are the borders for my new block of the month! 
I am so close to finishing that I think I might let you have a little peep next time!

Until then,

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  1. These quilts are so beautiful. I haven't started mine yet as I'm still collecting fabrics, but it's so hard to decide exactly what to do when I see all these beautiful quilts.