Thursday, 28 March 2013

Show and tell....

We had an amazing time last weekend at our Summer School Reunion. Most of the girls were working on Sue's 'Ring of Roses' quilt with lots and lots of fussy cutting! Visit Sue's blog to see more of our weekend activities.

Check out this one from Ros - love the hexagon border!

Lots more fussy cutting from Leigh -

Sue J. has added a slightly more patterned background -

Anna's little hexies are very sweet -

Anna has started cutting her six pointed stars ... but ran out of fabric!!!!! This piece shown below measures 30cm x 110cm but unfortunately there is only enough repeats for 5 diamonds, not 6 - another 30cm will be required to finish off the star (now that's a dedicated stitcher!)

 Joan joined us with her Mrs Billings centre -

And look what followed me home from Bairnsdale! Mmmm couldn't resist!

Until next time,


  1. Gorgeous red shoes but I am in awe at all the beautiful fussy cutting.

  2. Wonderful work and beautiful red shoes.

    Greetings Grit

  3. Those are lovely hexie quilts!!

    Love the red shoes.

  4. Awesome quilt pieces, and those shoes are fantastic!

  5. What a beautiful pieces !!

  6. Lovely fussy cutting! I am doing my first hexagon piecing and you are inspiring!