Monday, 25 February 2013

And now for something funny...

Our most recent shipment of Mrs Billings to Helene in Denmark went a little astray!!! It took over six weeks to arrive and when it did - this is how it looked. It didn't look like that when I last saw it! Apparently it is covered on all sides with stamps. Paul and I had quite a giggle when we saw this photo posted by Helene. At least the parcel turned up safe and sound.

This parcel to Petra in the Netherlands arrived in a flash. Only three days travelling with DHL! Sometimes the world seems like a very small place.

Until next time when I will return with Mrs Billings updates,

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  1. Hi Karen, I have several times received a parcel decorated in about a million stamps like yours is. But mine only traveled from within Australia.
    Once from Sale in Victoria - $26 in 50 cent stamps?!!! and several times from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. I know Kalgoorlie is classified as remote area but what is Sale's excuse?
    Debbie in Newcastle