Tuesday, 22 May 2012

We made it...

After many long hours in the air Paul and I have finally made it to Kansas City. 
Our exhibitor badges were waiting for us with these very pretty ribbons announcing that we were very new at this.

We met Darryl at the hotel and he helped move all of the heavy bits and pieces over to the convention centre for us.

The Booth is all done and ready to receive visitors... this is a very different set up to what we are used to but hopefully everything looks OK.

During the show I found some old friends and called in to say Hi!
Jo Morton in her beautiful booth.

 Cindy and Ronnie Rennels with their fabulous antique quilts, I always visit this booth when I come to the USA.
One day I will bring one home with me!

Mary Koval and her gorgeous antique fabrics and quilts.
Mary will be visiting Melbourne again this year during October for Quilts in the Barn with Linda Collins.
And another Melbourne designer... Gail Pan was there with her lovely quilts.

Until next time,


  1. Booth looks great!!! Fancy knowing other booth holders there - its always good to see a friendly face. Helen F

  2. Your stall looks gorgeous ! Hope all goes well !
    Enjoy and come home with lots of new ideas!!!!
    Love glenda

  3. Karen your stand looks wonderful........congrats on the big effort making it there to exhibit..........and thanks for hearing some more photos.....

  4. Wow - Darryl is a BIG man!! Booth looks lovely - well done! How great to catch up with your friends from home and abroad. Enjoy the next part of your trip. xx

  5. Your booth looks great, they will love your quilts in the US, you should make a killling.