Friday, 25 May 2012

A little bit of shopping and a 'good' cup of Tea!

Our last day in Kansas City saw us doing a little bit of shopping, SHOE shopping to be precise, and enjoying a 'good' cup of tea with friends! I don't normally enjoy a lot of shopping, but a little bit of 'shoe' shopping in a different city never goes astray. I found these very gorgeous slip on 'clogs' in a local store, and then purchased this very appropriate tee shirt to match.

After a successful few days of Spring Market a girl also needs a 'good' cup of Tea. Thats not always easy when you are travelling... but a quick check through the handbag can come up with several alternatives. While the boys were sampling the local beers, Lynette Anderson, Sue Daley, the Quilted Crow Girls Leonie and Diedre, and I enjoyed a quiet cuppa before heading off home!

Wow, not a bad selection to be found in our handbags! Even a little bit of milk and a snack or two!

Now its off to Honolulu for a bit of R & R for Paul and I, catch you all again soon,

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