Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Kansas City... here we come!

Paul and I are heading off to Spring Market in Kansas City tomorrow, our first trip together to the USA, and I am trying to pack... don't you just love packing! There always seems to be too many things to go into the suitcase and not enough space to fit it all! Never mind I will keep rearranging until it does.

Last minute preparations before those cases get closed for good include 'pole scrunchies', who knows what they are? Apparently they go around the poles that hold our booth together so that they look much more 'prettier' than they already are! Just one more to go and then I think I am done.

Last minute sewing for the long flight is almost ready to go too, can't forget that!

We will be at Booth #2311, so if you are in town call in and say Hi! - we would love to meet you. I have packed the new iPad and will attempt to blog so keep watching for updates as we travel.

Until then, 


  1. Woo Hoo!! Have a great time. Looking forward to photos of your booth.... taken with the new iPad!!! Are either of you taking clothes, or is it just quilts??!!

  2. Travel safely and have a ball!!!

  3. Enjoy!
    Look out for the Vera Bradley bags- at the American cath kitson!!!
    Have a great time

  4. Have a nice trip. Hope it will be sucessfull.

  5. Have a safe trip and wow those American girls with your beautiful quilts.
    The shirtings arrived safe and sound. Thank you.

  6. Have you packed the RED SHOES - have to wear them in KANSAS Dorothy did!!!! Looking forward to seeing you pics from the show Helen F