Monday, 9 April 2012

Mrs Billings at AQC

This week we will be exhibiting at the Australasian Quilt Convention (stand #58) at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton Gardens here in Melbourne. It has now been a full year since we launched Mrs Billings Coverlet at AQC in 2011. 
During the past 12 months she... (we fondly think of her as a real person!) has travelled far and wide. I know there are many of you working on this quilt from all over Australia and all over the world too! We have been asked many times will she ever be available as a complete pattern...well YES she will and to celebrate her 1st birthday here she is! 

I have been hibernating this Easter, working hard on our next Block of the Month 'Robin's Nest'. Whilst there are eight borders in total - only the first two are attached to the centre block! Months 1-3 are shown below.

See you at the show,


  1. Looks great, a bit similar to our King's Crown project.
    Will pop past and say hi at the show.

  2. Looking great - nice and crisp I luv it! Helen F