Thursday, 12 April 2012

AQC set-up from this to this!

Yesterday was set-up day at the Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) and I thought you might like to see how Paul and I go from this to what you see when you come for a visit!

The boxes arrived on pallets having been sent on from our last show in Brisbane along with a top up load we brought in from the shop. 
Boxes and trunks are opened and lights need to go up on the wall first.
Then the quilts!
Tables set in place and boxes opened and sorted.
And after several hours of shuffling fabric, patterns and books.... its done and this is what you see when you come to visit!


  1. looks lovely cant wait to see it today

  2. Karen your stand looks wonderful........hope the show goes well for you...........

  3. Your stand was lovely. Thanks for showing me how to do the paper pieced clams. I hope you had a very successful show. All the best, Shontelle.

  4. All that hard work really pays off - your stand always looks great. well done to you and Paul. x

  5. Amazing!!! The way you start from scratch and end up with a fantastic looking stand with quilts hanging everywhere! I would hate the unpacking and repacking - like moving house!!! Helen F