Thursday, 19 April 2012

More Robin's Nest

AQC is over for another year! It was lovely catching up with so many of you over the weekend, thank you to everyone who popped by to say hello. 

It's back to stitching on Robin's Nest for me now... 
Those hexagon stars from earlier this year have been joined by lots more stars as well as square blocks and small hexagon rosettes.

These little hexagons were lots of fun to make. Inspiration came from my recently acquired book 'Elegant Geometry', aren't they sweet. I can't pass up an opportunity to 'fussy' cut fabric!

Elyte from 'Tea, fabric and other things' came by for a visit and brought a little something especially for me! I think she might know my soft spot :)


  1. wow, this look like another must-have-pattern! I'm still waiting for the package to arrive with Mrs. B + the others patterns. I feel like a child waiting for Christmas ;-)
    Helene in Denmark

  2. Can't wait till my first block arrives getting very excited i have decided to hand stitch mine aswell so will be a challage as this is the first quilt that i would of hand stitched.
    Getting very excited

  3. You are welcome Karen. That little item had your name all over it!

  4. Luv your fussy cutting - how big are those hexagons??? Luv your tape dispenser - I bought a pair of red shoes on the weekend - will wear them next squealers!!!! Helen F

  5. Hello
    Doing Mrs. B. but wondered if Robin's Nest is going to be a pattern or BOM

  6. Fussy cutting looks fabulous! Meant to tell you, we saw a shoe shop in Rome called Wear Red Shoes!! Thought of you instantly.

  7. Hi Karen, love the hexagons and stars, are they all going to be in Robin's Nest quilt? I love fussy cutting too, have been doing that on my Lucy Boston blocks (there are photos on my blog - it becomes an addiction to do it. Janelle.

  8. I just discovered your blog through a post by Pretty by Hand and pictures of the Houston International Quilt Market. I LOVE the Robin's Nest quilt. I'm trying to figure out if it is a published pattern and I can't find a search button on your blog. I tried your website, but I didn't see a reference to Robin's Nest there either. Is it just a quilt you are putting together for yourself? Thanks!!!!