Friday, 20 January 2012

What do you do in January?

Start a new project of course! 
The Friday girls have decided that they will make a star a day this year... a three inch star! Small but very cute. The basic rules are make a block a day (except on your birthday and Christmas day), no repeat fabric in the stars and don't worry about whether they all match, the more varied the fabric and colour the better! Lynne has started with gusto and has even pieced her tiny stars into larger blocks.

Our Lynne is one very organised lady... I think she has prepared enough stars for the next couple of months! There are lots of pre packaged fabric for stars ready to be cut and stitched. 

Lois is all organised too! Her stars are even cut into their shapes! I wonder where the chocolates have gone? 

Miriam is working on a house block a day. Still very tiny and very cute... I think they are three inches as well!

And Sue is busy piecing her final border of Mrs Billings. Keep going Sue, the end is now in sight!

Wow, there must be something about these girls.. look how organised Sue is too!

I have had lots of guesses for how many of these hexagons were in the boxes a few posts back. Some of you are getting close but not quite... I will let you in on the total number next time!

Until then,
When in doubt, wear RED shoes!


  1. Those stars are just too cute. Not more temptation!

  2. I've just found your blog and I'm enjoying it. Lovely photos with lots of inspiration.


  3. Wow some people are so organized! This looks great!