Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hexagons...hexagons... and more HEXAGONS!!

This weeks big delivery at the shop was two very large and very heavy boxes from Sue Daley (Patchwork with Busy Fingers).

Hexagons... hexagons... and even more hexagons! I know that many of you are doing the Mrs Billings Coverlet Block-of-the-month, well this is what's included in your final months post!!!! 
Just have a guess how many of those lovely little shapes are in these two boxes!!! Send me email and we will see who comes close. (I will let you all know the number next time.)

Until next time,

When in doubt, wear RED shoes!

1 comment:

  1. My Mrs Billings is being let out to visit you all in Melbourne next week on Thursday. She may even be taken to the tennis if she behaves! I hope your weather warms up by then. She is in raptures at the thought of all those hexagons. My guess that 2 full boxes would be about 400/500 packets per box at 100 per pack which is by my maths around 45000 hexagons waiting to be stitched. Hope you sell spare time to stitch them! Love Debbie