Monday, 23 January 2012

How many Hexagons?

Those two large boxes contained...... 100,000 hexagons! 50,000 of the little darlings in each. Did anyone come close to guessing that number? The funny thing is, we need at least that many again to complete the current block-of-the-month membership! Everywhere we turn at the shop there is another pile of hexagons.

This week we had another 'Midday to Midnight Madness' here at Somerset. Non stop stitching for 12 hours straight. There was lots of stitching, glueing, laughter and lollies! Most of the girls made it right through to the end.

Mary was preparing her final border for Mrs Billings, yes more hexagons. She is keeping track of each coloured patch she cuts and glues inside these bags. It is amazing the things we use to store our patchwork bits and pieces; zip lock bags, tupperware containers and fishing tackle boxes to name a few.

Lois has stitched a few more of her 'star a day' blocks from the chocolate box. I think she will be up to date very soon. 
Aren't they lovely!

Jenny brought her 'Kings Crown' centre block in for show and tell from last weeks class. 

Jenny was back again today working on a 'Carpenters Square' block in Linda Bears class. 

And this block belongs to Tracey, who also joined todays Summer School class. 

We are nearly at the end of classes for this January and thoughts are moving to first term. This next term is a short one, but we will try to include as many workshops as possible to keep you stitching. 
Keeping watching for more Mrs Billings quilt updates, I know there are a few more out there getting close to completion!

Until next time,

When in doubt, wear RED shoes!

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