Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I am not a big shopper as most of my friends know, but.... when you go to Houston you have to visit the Galleria! We were staying in the Lone Star Suite, (that sounded rather special to me) and I just fancied coming back to our 'suite' with a pile of those lovely bags stuffed with tissue, all strung along my arm, so shopping we went!

First stop handbags... now thats not surprising is it! Problem is which handbag? These delightful bags were set out in a very orderly manner and ALL in my favourite colour, or variations of it! A real feast for the eyes.

Lunch... the Cheesecake Factory, we had heard lots about it but had never had the opportunity to go. 

But how do you choose from a list this long! Something did catch my eye and we had a lovely lunch followed by the compulsory piece of delicious cheesecake for dessert. Yum!

And after shopping it was time to pack... I am still not quite sure how we managed to wrangle all of those suitcases as well as hand luggage home! But we did!

Until next time,