Monday, 11 November 2013

Houston Highlights...

Houston Quit Market and Festival have been and gone in a flash! There were so many things to see and so many things to do, the camera came out many times but unfortunately my internet connection wasn't as reliable as I would have liked, must work on that for next time!

It was Halloween while we were there and pumpkins were everywhere, they came in all shapes and sizes. These adorable ones were at the local supermarket and had a sign on them that called them 'fairytale' pumpkins. Very appropriate!

I found this mother piggy and all her little piglets on the 'Dude Ranch' the name given to one of the fabric distributors booth, they had a complete farm full of animals and other props all made from fabric! Every time you passed there was something else to see...

There was even a hen house full of chooks and their little chickens, spiders webs and giant cactus plants, I think you can just see the rear end of the horse here too!

And this mess.... Sue, Paul and I are dismantling from Market (trade show only) and re-jigging to present ourselves to the Festival crowd! Our neighbour had had enough for the moment and was having a little snooze... lucky him!

And a big thank you to everyone who called past to say hello, it was great to meet so many of our readers in person,

until next time,


  1. would recognize your quilts anywhere - what wonderful work you do. Wish the festival had been possible for me this year I would have looked you up for sure and loaded up a tote bag with no shipping and handling involved to the states - that makes it impossible shopping for me from you :( Just love Mrs. Billings and the other quilts

  2. I enjoyed meeting you and browsing through your booth at Festival. Thank you to Sue for her advice on Mrs. Billings! I plan to start her next year as soon as I've finished Phebe. I'll need another stress reliever, LOL.

    Wish I could have seen those chickens. Are they made of fur?

  3. Great to see you, Paul, and Sue in Houston. Your booth was fantastic - as usual. Now it's time to get back to work and maybe squeeze in some Mrs. Billings stitching every once in awhile. The chocolate teddies were great. I didn't get many of them because they were claimed by my husband.