Monday, 17 December 2012

A Graduation

This past weekend our family headed off to the Royal Exhibition Building, here in Melbourne. Many of you may know this destination as the home of AQC (the 'Australasian Quilt Convention') one of the largest Quilting events on the calendar. 
This time instead of setting up our quilts and fabrics we were present to witness our eldest son graduate. 
After many (many) years of study he was awarded his Phd in Engineering!

I thought you might like to see Mark along with his very proud mother and grandmother! 

Back soon, with more quilty things,


  1. my congratulations, you all look very proud!!!!

  2. Congratulations Mark!! The whole family must be feeling very proud!

  3. A celebration for the whole family to share. Congratulations to all.

  4. Congratulations Karen, you must all be very proud. I have just worded out I can communicate with you on your blog. These things take awhile!!!!!

  5. What a very proud moment!!!! Congratulations Mark - what an achievement!!!! Helen F