Monday, 24 September 2012

Midday to Midnight

Midday to midnight, can you last the distance? Last Saturday we had another group of enthusiastic quilters turn up for 12 hours of sewing fun. What do I bring? How much sewing will I get done? What will we eat? These are the questions that I am asked constantly before each of our sewing marathons. The answers are not that easy unfortunately!

Firstly, bring along a few projects - you never know what you might finish...
Bonnie planned a little bit of everything. 
A bit of quilting, a bit of embroidery, a bit of machining and a little bit more just in case.

Secondly, how much sewing do we do! 
Bonnie worked mostly on her machine piecing in the end, and look, it is almost finished! 
We just ran out of time with one more seam to go!

Sonja purchased some new fabric... then she cut out and pieced this gorgeous block!
Not bad for 12 hours of stitching.
 And thirdly, what do we eat... There are lots of restaurants, cafes and takeaways in our group of shops, as well as the local supermarket. We seem to alternate between Indian and Chinese at the moment followed by ice-cream. Mmmm sound yummy? Why not join us next time!

 Remember these bright fabrics from my last post?
They belong to Stacey from Darwin. 
Stacey has a blog and if you would like to follow her Mrs Billings progress have a look here!

And I just had to share my new purchase from Darwin... New red shoes, what other colour is there!
Now I am all set for summer, bring on the warm weather. 

Until next time,

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