Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Beautiful Eumundi!

Beautiful one day, perfect the next... isn't that the expression they use about our glorious northern state of Queensland. Early last week Paul and I spent a very relaxing few days at Sue Daley's B&B 'Kindred Spirits' in Eumundi. We had a wonderful time enjoying the tropical surrounds and hatching many new plans for 2012. Unfortunately Paul had to return home but I stayed on and was joined by some old friends (Leonie and Deidre from The Quilted Crow in Tasmania and Sarah from Quilt Fabrics Delight in South Australia) and some new ones too! (Marilyn from MK Sew-Able in Toowomba and Sharon from Avonleigh Country Quilting) Sue shared many of her finer points to perfect English Paper piecing and lots more with us all; our imaginations were running wild with ideas and many future projects. We did get up to some serious sewing (really we did!!!) while we were away, but there was also a good amount of time devoted to chatting, laughing and of course enjoying lots of good food and company! 

You may have to look close to see, but there really is some sewing amongst the 'other stuff'! 

What a perfect picture this was... we went swimming each day. It was just like a tropical resort.

Oh dear back to reality, keep watching as I bring some of those plans and ideas to life.................

Until next time,

When in doubt, wear RED shoes.

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  1. Oh wow looks like you had a fab time away - those cocktails look delicious!!!! Helen F