Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Two and a half days in London...

How much can you do in two and a half days? Lots!! Sue and I walked and walked, climbed up and climbed down, took the tube and the overground railway and walked some more! We saw lots of wonderful things....
We went to the very top of St Paul's Cathedral, about 500 steps up and of course 500 back down! The view from the top was amazing, lucky for us it was a very clear day! See the sign on the wall we passed, Mrs B is everywhere.

We took the tube and the overground rail to visit the home of William Morris (1860-65) and then walked on to Danson House to visit the Quilt Exhibition 'Things we do in bed'. The quilt that took my eye the most was a hand quilted beauty hanging at the top of a lovely oval staircase!

You may have noticed a little retail therapy was done too! A new umbrella was on my list!

It's time to move on now! The Eurostar to Paris and then on to Nantes where the quilts at Pour l'amour du fil await!

I'll be back soon, Karen


  1. Glad you have had a great time in the UK, shame about the weather but hope its better in Nantes. Shame I'm not going to Nantes this year I would have loved to have touched base with.
    You must be inches shorter with all the walking you'v done.

  2. So many wonderful places to see in London, sounds like you have done your best in two and half days. Looking forward to your posts on Paris and the quilt show in Nantes.

  3. Oh my! You have worn me out just reading about all your travels. I think you will both return several kilos lighter after all that exercise. Lovely pics again.

  4. Looks like you've had London in all sorts of weather! Found a Cath shop????