Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Summer School - Hand Quilting

Todays Summer School class was Hand Quilting..... BUT this morning we woke to the news that is was going to be 43 degrees celsius!!!!!!! Thats right - a top temperature of 43 C (or 110 F), not really the nicest day for hand quilting. 
The air-conditioners were motoring away all day and the girls worked diligently and achieved some very nice results.

Julie's samples were gorgeous. 

The featured special today are our red spot specials!
Odd sized pieces packaged into bags of approximately 1/2 metre in total.
Priced at $7.50 each.
We have these most of the time, but I have made lots more for tomorrows Lucy Boston class.

Back soon with lots more photos,


  1. OMG just look at those fabrics and to think I have just started my Lucy Boston quilt. Are you able to create a "Lucy Boston Starter Pack" for me consisting of some great fabrics for fussy cutting? Im thinking F8's? The only fabrics I have so far are the ones in my Lucy post on my blog a couple of days ago. thanks Sharon

  2. Can you please post pictures of the girls blocks, I also have started on the Lucy Boston and would love to see their work.

  3. Something very special about a quilt which has been hand quilted