Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Somerset Sojourn to Brisbane...

This June Somerset Patchwork is going on a sojourn to Brisbane 
to visit the Quilts from the Victoria and Albert Museum (London)
29th - 30th June

The exhibition 'Quilts 1700-1945' is on show at the Queensland Art Gallery
from 15th June - 22nd September.

Would you like to join Karen and Sue on Saturday 29th June for a guided tour of these outstanding quilts and
visit the original 'Sundial Quilt' as shown above?
Other attractions at the gallery include 'The Rajah quilt' 1841, on loan from the National Gallery of Australia
and a selection of quilts from Ruth Stonely, a well known Brisbane quilter.

After visiting the gallery Saturday morning, there will be an afternoon and evening of stitching 
followed by a full day of fun and activity on Sunday 30th June.

Karen and Sue will bring along their large collection of English style quilts for 'Show and Tell' 
along with a sewing project for you to work on during the day on Sunday.

The cost of the weekend will be $250 - 
this cost will cover entry to the Queensland Art Gallery with a guided tour Saturday morning, 
stitching Saturday afternoon and evening with Karen and Sue. 
On Sunday we will have a small project for you to sew using our traditional hand piecing techniques. 
A fully catered lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

The event will be held at the Riverside Hotel, Southbank, Brisbane - a short walk to the gallery, 
city centre and other attractions along the Brisbane River. 

Also visit the original quilt 'King George Reviewing the Troops'

For more information please contact the shop 03 9807 3399,
 visit here to download a booking form or send us an email!

Sue and I would love to see you there!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Portland International Spring Market...

We have just spent a lovely week in Portland Oregan where the 2013 International Spring Market was held. Unfortunately (for you) and fortunately (for me) we were very busy and there was not a lot of time for photo opportunities on the floor, so sorry, nothing to show you from inside the event this time! 

BUT... I did catch some interesting sights around the hotel we were staying in.

This sign was outside a local cafe named the 'The Blue Collar Bakery' - mmmmm my kind of baking. 
The food was delicious, especially their cookies and I did have time to sample a few :)
 Across the road was this interesting illuminated sign... and below the sign there was always, 
and I mean always, a queue of at least 50 people waiting patiently for.... something!
 After waiting for quite a length of time the customers would emerge with this interesting, very PINK, box. 
I'm not sure if there was more than one outlet but we did see these boxes all over the city 
and even at the airport on our way home.
 One young girl showed me what was to be found inside. Donuts in all shapes and sizes, flavours and taste sensations! Yum! 
(and no I didn't partake of any of these... the queue was too long and there were lots of other things to see)

We had a wonderful trip and it is always nice to be back home again. 
So for now it is back to work, until next time...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Is it Tuesday already

It can't possibly be Tuesday! The year is speeding by! This afternoon I put the last stitches in a new quilt that I was desperately hoping to finish before we headed to Portland, Oregon for Spring Market. The borders were all cut and set to go and 'YES' I did it! Albeit very last minute. Our suitcases are packed and we are ready to go! I think there might be enough time for a 4 hour snooze......

There was just one other last minute decision to make... do I take something to stitch or do I just sit back and catch up on some long overdue reading? Mmmm I think after the week I have had, reading will be my choice!

I had better head off to bed now, but I will be back soon with a report on all our adventures in the US.

Until then,

p.s. if you are also in Portland, don't forget to call past and say Hi!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How many Hexagons...

How many hexagons are in the last border of Mrs Billings? I have been asked this question quite a lot lately, there must be a few of you coming to the end of your quilt. There are lots... if I tell you the exact number I might scare you away :) 

How many hexagon quilts can one have? As many as you like - is the correct answer I guess... there are so many different patterns, so many different sizes of hexagons, so many different colours and piecing variations! We have seen lots of hexagons at the shop lately and there is something very beautiful about each and every one!

These little lovelies are 1/2" hexagons and are from Sue's new quilt 'Ring of Roses'.

 This circle of roses are also from Sue's quilt. 

I found this lovely fussy cut rosette on Sue Garman's blog. Sue has loads of gorgeous hexagon photos this month. 
Have a look here for more eye candy! 

 Tara from Tazzie Quilts has made some lovely hexagons for her Mrs Billings border.
I took a sneak peek at Tara's blog this evening and found that she is now quilting her Mrs Billings. 
I can't wait to see it finished! 

 Ros has been stitching up a storm with her Ring of Roses too.
Don't you just love the 4" hexagons in that fussy cut border!

 I just had to show you a close up.... fantastic work Ros!

I have finished a quilt or two this month... my fingers are itching... maybe I need to start another hexagon quilt too!

Until next time,