Sunday, 26 May 2013

Portland International Spring Market...

We have just spent a lovely week in Portland Oregan where the 2013 International Spring Market was held. Unfortunately (for you) and fortunately (for me) we were very busy and there was not a lot of time for photo opportunities on the floor, so sorry, nothing to show you from inside the event this time! 

BUT... I did catch some interesting sights around the hotel we were staying in.

This sign was outside a local cafe named the 'The Blue Collar Bakery' - mmmmm my kind of baking. 
The food was delicious, especially their cookies and I did have time to sample a few :)
 Across the road was this interesting illuminated sign... and below the sign there was always, 
and I mean always, a queue of at least 50 people waiting patiently for.... something!
 After waiting for quite a length of time the customers would emerge with this interesting, very PINK, box. 
I'm not sure if there was more than one outlet but we did see these boxes all over the city 
and even at the airport on our way home.
 One young girl showed me what was to be found inside. Donuts in all shapes and sizes, flavours and taste sensations! Yum! 
(and no I didn't partake of any of these... the queue was too long and there were lots of other things to see)

We had a wonderful trip and it is always nice to be back home again. 
So for now it is back to work, until next time...


  1. I hadn't seen the photos of the bakery but other sites posted a lot of photos inside market so it was ok that you didn't - we totally understand that you were busy! Hope you had fun.

  2. That Voodoo Donuts has been featured on the Food Network many times.....I think they'll always have a line now! lol