Sunday, 15 September 2013

From this to that...

It has been a very productive day today! I have taken my work space from an extremely disorganised mess to a relatively sorted, organised, clear table surface. There was a recent trip to Ikea to thank for a lot of it, and a bit of nagging from those who live here with me...... Most of that 'stuff' you can see belongs to current creations in varying stages of finish. Tonight I feel that I will be able to 'finish' something very soon. So keep watching!

Just look what I found underneath that mess! I haven't seen this gorgeous thing for quite awhile. This beautiful table was designed and hand made by my son Brenton for his year 12 (final year) high school project in Design and Tech a few years ago. Wasn't I a lucky girl! Lets see how long it stays nice and clear.....

Now back to my stitching,

p.s. I am very glad you can't see the floor in the photo, it still needs a bit of work... :)


  1. Karen I am laughing at the before photo, as the table in my sewing room is looking very much the same. And isn't it so much nicer to work, when you do make the time to tidy up.

  2. WOWWOWWOW, what a GORGEOUS table!!! You are really VERY lucky!
    Greetz from the Netherlands, Ria.

  3. Wow, what a spectacular table. It must be a treat to see it when it is cleared. My sewing room looks just like that when I am prepping appliqué.

  4. what a beautiful table! yes a shame to cover it up but one must do what one must do while quilting.

  5. Your table is absolutely gorgeous! Your son should go into business - I bet he could sell tons of these - just beautiful! It is definitely a good incentive to clear the table once in awhile!

  6. Wow - he did a beautiful job on that table - has he done anything more like that?