Saturday, 31 August 2013


I am back at the shop now for a few weeks, I feel we have done enough travelling for a while, next stop Brisbane in October. We have finished roaming (Dunroamin) and are settling back in to shop life!

There were a few (I think that should actually read HEAPS of) deliveries this week. The first to arrive were 13 boxes of stunning Marcus Brothers fabrics, some special treats from Judie Rothermel and Paula Barnes were amongst them. No sooner had I started to undo them, when, another truck pulled up and unloaded 5 more! These 5 contained ranges from Windham Fabrics. - More History of Dutch Quilts and Promenade in a Dutch Garden by Petra Prins arrived too!

This little group came home for the weekend, I am supposed to be finishing 'something', but the temptation is to start 'something' new! A combination of Dressing Gowns, Summit Rose and a few old favourites mixed in. How strong can I be?

Dressing Gowns by Judie Rothermel
Hampton Ridge by Paula Barnes
More Hampton Ridge by Paula
Villageware Toile by Renee Nanneman
Summit Rose by Paula Barnes

There is a Sunday sewing day on tomorrow, watch out for some 'show and tell',
until tomorrow,


  1. Hi Karen, I love the beautiful fabrics of those two ladies. And the book is so nice i have one myself and want to make a few of them, but where is the time to make them.

    Have a nice day, Ria ;0)) from the Netherlands.

  2. the books look wonderful and so do the fabric! it is hard to keep the hands off of new fabric.

  3. Ohh your new fabrics are gorgeous hmm might need to do some online shopping