Friday, 18 January 2013

Show and Tell...

Summer School classes have been on at Somerset everyday this week and as usual there has been lots and lots of Show and Tell. We have been working on hexagons, stars, 'lots of stars', appliqué and more appliqué!

Leigh has returned to her hexagon quilt after finishing the 'star-a-day' challenge for 2012. These lovely hexagons were started in summer school last year and are well and truly on their way to completion.

I think this is one of my favourite star-a-day quilts, and there were quite a few to choose from! Leigh has used the same background for each star, but pieced the blocks together with a variety of different 'shirting' squares. Very nice!

 And here is a small selection of stars for a closer look...

Dorothy is working on her 'Mosaics' quilt. A beautiful appliqué quilt designed by Irene Blanck. 

These little houses are also by Dorothy
This quilt was the mystery block-of-the-month project from Quiltmania last year.

Sue has been making these hexagon stars over the Christmas break and has completed them all... 
now what fabric for the border and large stars?

This was the groups choice! Oh and Sue's too of course!

Have you ever seen a mat that looks like this? Mmmmm....  Mary has been working mostly by hand lately and hasn't needed her cutting mat! This is what she discovered in her sewing room. It made it to class, but, it stayed behind and has been placed in the circular filing cabinet!!!! A new mat went home with Mary.

 And what did Mary make using that lovely new mat,
these Le Moyne stars for her 'Hamilton Place' quilt.

Shirley has returned to her 'Barrington Court' and has almost completed appliquéing the melons in place.

Class is on again tomorrow and I will endeavour to take progress photos for you to see what we get up to...

Until then, 


  1. Wow, fantastic. The star quilt is so wonderful.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. Beautiful star quilt!
    I also had one of my mats break like that, my hubby showed me how to cut them with a razor knife and a metal edge. I ended up with two smaller mats, my daughter promptly snatched up the smallest chunk to use for her jewelry making! I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away, they are so exspensive... So glad I didn't, those litlle mats have proved to be very handy.

  3. Fantastic show and tell Karen. I am intrigued by the quilt called Barrington Court as it is a National Trust house very near to where I live in Somerset,UK.

  4. Thanks for the update Karen, such beautiful work!

  5. I've had a wonderful time this morning reading your blog. I feel welcome and right at home. I've joined a Dear Jane BOM that starts in March. I hope I can keep up with the blocks each month. Mine is going to be blue and white. I'm excited to get started.

    I've been intrigued with the Le Moyne star of the day. I can't seem to find a pattern for a block that small. I guess I could draft one. I have found a variation of patterns. Some use parallelograms (diamonds) while others use half square triangles (HST). Oh my, what to do! I think they look much prettier with the diamonds and Y seams. Are the ladies hand piecing or machine piecing them or some of each? Is there a pattern available.

    I live close to the middle of the United States. So, it seems very foreign to hear you speak of summer school at this time of year. While some parts of our country have had bouts of snow, where I live, we have had exceptionally warm weather so far. Some flowers are starting to bud out already.

    Thank you for blogging and inspiring me, and I'm sure, many others who have been blessed to find your website.

    Currently I am finishing twin baby quilts for a great niece and great nephew. I used the same gender neutral fabrics and just arranged them in a little different order in the two quilts. I am down to binding and labels on the two and then they should be ready to ship to my nephew and his wife.

    May God richly bless that to which you place your hand (and needle).